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Have you ever opened a drawer or closet door to look for something, found yourself staring at a disorganized accumulation of stuff, and just closed it again in frustration? You’re not alone. According to a survey by Decluttr ( and the National Association for Professional Organizers (NAPO), 54 percent of Americans feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter they have. Even more disconcerting is that 78 percent of these individuals have no idea what to do with the clutter. Let’s start to tackle the chaos with these 4 quicker, easier projects that deliver immediate rewards and get you motivated to tackle bigger decluttering projects.

Have you ever opened a drawer or closet door to look for something, found yourself staring at a disorganized accumulation of stuff, and just closed it again in frustration?

You’re not alone. According to a survey by Decluttr ( and the

Declutter your home with these 4 easy, instantly rewarding projects

National Association for Professional Organizers (NAPO), 54 percent of Americans feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter they have. Even more disconcerting is that 78 percent of these individuals have no idea what to do with the clutter.

And disorganization or clutter causes a whole host of negative feelings, including stress and frustration. Not to mention, you waste a lot of time looking for things you need.

While there are numerous multi-step plans and comprehensive guides online to help you declutter your entire home, we’re here to help you start small. Let’s organize a drawer, clear off a countertop and bring order to your desk.

These quicker, easier projects deliver immediate rewards and, ideally, motivate and prepare you for tackling bigger decluttering projects.


All of the flat surfaces in our homes seem to be a magnet for “stuff.” Think about your kitchen counters, the bathroom vanity, the desk in your home office, and the first shelf, counter or window ledge you encounter after you pass through the front door.

Pick a room or a section of a room and plan your attack. Let’s start with your kitchen counters. Survey the counters and ask yourself…

  • Which appliances, utensils and knives do I use all the time, sometimes or never? Keep the “all-the-time” items, like your favorite cutting boards,  within easy reach.
  • For those “sometimes” items, what can I store in a drawer, cupboard or closet? Do I use all of the utensils sitting in the crock next to the stove? Do I have kids’ dishes, sippy cups or bibs sitting around that they rarely use?
  • What’s left? Are these the items I never use? Get rid of them. We promise you won’t miss them.
  • Now that we have less to work with: How can I organize the items that are left on the counter and the ones I’ve placed in drawers, cupboards or closets?

Repeat as needed in your home office, bathroom(s), front entryway, bedrooms, etc. Don’t overlook that spot we all have where the mail piles up and where we throw our keys when we come through the door.

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If the flat surfaces in our homes are a magnet for “stuff,” our drawers are hot spots for everything we think we need but don’t want to look at. Even if drawers start out organized after spring cleaning, a remodel or moving into a new home, they inevitably end up a cluttered, disorganized mess. We often hold onto things we no longer need and can’t find what we do need.

Again, let’s pick a set of drawers to tackle, such as your home office desk. If you’re feeling energized, start with the one you know is the messiest or the biggest. If you need a little warm up, start with a smaller one that contains fewer items. Open up and ask yourself…

  • Which items in this drawer do I use regularly? Perhaps it’s your calculator, highlighter and stapler. Keep those front and center in the drawer so they’re easy to grab.
  • What’s left? Which of these things do I sometimes use, and which ones have I not touched in 6 months or more?
  • Am I willing to part with the items I haven’t used for 6 months? We say, “Yes!” Decide what can be discarded, recycled or donated, and then get it out of the drawer and out of your office.
  • Now look at what’s left and ask what kind of drawer organizer would help you bring order to what’s left?

Move on next to your bathroom drawers, your bedside table, and end tables in the living or family room. When you’re ready to really roll up your sleeves, set aside time to tackle kitchen drawers and bedroom dresser drawers. (These projects alone could keep you busy for a few months!)

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From the day they’re born until the day they leave for college, kids come with a lot of stuff. And when they’re younger, it can be a full-time job just keeping the toys from taking over the house.

Here are tips for keeping the clutter in check:

  • Which toys does my child(ren) play with at least three or four times a week? Let’s plan to keep those out and easy for them to find and reach.
  • Which toys do they glance at once a week?
  • Which toys have they ignored for the last 3 months? Can you donate, re-sell or discard them? Or would you prefer to put them in storage for a season? If the toys are still age appropriate, perhaps your child(ren) will find them more exciting if they disappear for awhile and then reappear later.
  • Now ask yourself: How can I organize the big toys that are left?
  • And of course, ask: How can I contain the legos? How can I organize the markers and crayons so they’re not rolling under the furniture or laying about with caps off?

Have toys in the living room, a family room and your child’s (children’s) bedrooms? Repeat exercise as needed!

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In the midst of a project, it can be easy to pick up the paint, thread or brush we need and toss it to the side when we’re done with it. But as you know, this quickly leads to a disorganized mess, making it hard to find what you need as you work to finish the current project.

Let’s try a different tack to organizing our craft supplies:

  • What items do I use for almost every project and throughout almost every project? These are the ones you’ll need quick access to.
  • Ask yourself: How do I want to organize these everyday items? In a tray, a drawer, what is going to make them easy for you to reach?
  • Look at what’s left. What do I use regularly, but not for every project? You’ll want to keep them handy. How can I organize these, but keep them separate from the items you use all the time? Perhaps a different tray, drawer, cupboard?
  • How many duplicate items do I have? Do I really need six pairs of sewing scissors and five sets of knitting needles? Are there extras here that I can donate to a friend who’s just getting started with his or her craft?
  • And now: What is left that I rarely use and never use? If you need the “rarely use” items, hold onto them, but store them away from your regular use items.
  • Are there a few items in the “never use” pile? Perhaps you have yarn or thread colors that you know you’ll never want to use again. Maybe there are some inkpads that are mostly dried up? Get rid of them. (Discard, recycle or donate.)

With your crafty items under control, you can now focus on creating…not get bogged down with search and find.

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