Makeup Storage: 6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Beauty Products
March 1, 2017

Whether your favorite nail color is “B’aha Moment,” “Soothing Sapphire” or  “Bubbly Beige,” can we agree that it’s fun and entertaining to try out a different nail polish every time? Today we might choose based on the season or an upcoming social event. Next week, we might choose a color to reflect our mood or have a desire to try something completely different.

And for those of us who don’t have the time or patience to hit the salon for manicures, our love of color can lead to a noteworthy collection of our own nail polish bottles. Without any reason to display nail polish like the pros do, our personal collections often end up tossed in a basket or drawer, making it impossible to see all of our glorious colors and taking some of the glamour out of our nail polishing excursions.

That’s why our STORi collection includes a nail polish rack, organizer or drawer set to suit anyone’s preferences. And we asked three nail polishing afficionados to put our products to work. Here are their STORies…


Nail polish bottles tossed into a plastic basketI stored all my nail polish in a plastic bin. It looked messy, and it was hard to find things. Quite often, I would forget that I had a certain color, and when I went looking for a shade I had in mind, I couldn’t always find what I wanted.


Nail polish organizer drawers by STORiWith the Bella nail polish rack, it is so easy to find what I’m looking for now. Because I can see all the polishes I own, I know what colors I do and don’t have and can easily find one that I’m in the mood for. Plus, this organizer looks so much nicer than my old messy plastic bin. I like the way the polishes are stacked on different levels.

I like the Audrey stackable drawer organizer because it takes up much less space than the plastic bin I was using before. Yet, it still hold all my polish and tools. I especially like the drawers because it keeps the dust off everything.Nail polish rack by STORi


STORi Product: Makeup Palette & Cosmetic Organizer


Nail polish bottles on a bathroom counterIn attempt to organize my nail polish and manicure / pedicure accessories, I used two different trays to try to neatly arrange all these products. I didn’t like how much counter space the trays took up, and overall, I thought it was a jumbled mess and didn’t look orderly. Plus, I was always knocking over nail polish bottles when I grabbed one. It didn’t matter if I was taking one from the front or back of the tray.


Nail polish rack by STORiWow! I can now color-coordinate my nail polish, and there’s plenty of room for all my manicure and pedicure accessories. This nail polish rack also takes up less space on my bathroom vanity, where counter space is at a premium. Everything has its place now, and more importantly, all the items are displayed in a neat and stylish organizer. Now that I have an organized space, I can polish my nails more often!


STORi Product: Audrey Cosmetic Drawers


Two baskets of nail polish not organizedI tossed all of my nail polish bottles into two small baskets, which worked for about 6 months. By then, I’d bought a bunch more bottles of nail polish, and the baskets were overflowing. Every time I pulled them out of the closet to paint my nails, I’d drop at least a bottle or two on the ground. (Fortunately, none of them ever broke open or spilled. That would have been a huge mess!)

With my old storage system, I also found I was using the same four colors all the time because I’d choose from the bottles that were on top. Bright orange doesn’t have the same effect in April as it does in October!


Nail polish organizer drawers by STORiLook at all those bottles! I had no idea how many nail polish colors I actually had. With these organizer drawers, I can easily see my whole collection, and I’m choosing a new and very different color every time I paint my nails. I can also easily reach my nail pens, files and clippers. And no more dropping nail polish on the floor!

Sadly, I can see how many colors I have that are so similar. When the nail polish was all thrown in the baskets, I bought some nearly identical colors. Now that I can see all the bottles, I’ll be able to buy new colors that are actually different.

Do you have a nail polish collection you want to organize? How will you put STORi to work for you? Share your STORi with us!

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