Quick Tips to Upgrade Your Workspace

May 15, 2020

Whether you work from home or in an office building, an organized desk will set you up for success. The organization experts at STORi share their top tips for upgrading your workspace.

Tip 1: Use open containers

Open containers provide quick access to office supplies. Stacking bins keep staples, paper clips, and notepads at your fingertips on any desktop. Open drawer organizers are a simple solution for cluttered drawers.

Tip 2: Consider your space

Before purchasing organizers, evaluate your space and needs. A slim 3-compartment organizer keeps pens, pencils, and rulers upright. For large-capacity storage, a 5-compartment desktop organizer sorts daily essenials.

Tip 3: Pick versatile organizers

Clear organizers with divided compartments are a multi-purpose choice that can be used in any setting. Keep desktops tidy with a compact 6-compartment organizer. Use a file bin with handles on storage room shelves. They can be moved from space to space easily.

Tip 4: Keep papers upright

Paperwork can quickly clutter the workspace. Hanging file bins keep important documents and forms organized. Store frequently referenced manuals and trade magazines in a vertical clear holder.

Tip 5: Organize media and digital records

An often overlooked organization category is digital records and media. Choose a system of stackable CD holders and DVD holders to keep entertainment and digital items organized.

At STORi we are committed to creating products and sharing ideas to simplify your home.

Imagine your life organized.

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