Spring Organizing Tips

February 15, 2020

This spring focus on organizing areas of your home that are often overlooked. The organization experts at STORi have created a checklist to help you successfully organize this spring.


  1. Use modular storage systems for a cohesive look
  2. Sort pantry essentials by use
  3. Choose clear containers to easily locate the items inside

Bathroom Vanity

  1. Select organizers that are beautiful and functional
  2. Use slim organizers for narrow spaces
  3. Multiple compartments keep brushes separated and upright

Linen Closet

  1. Store hand towels in large bins
  2. Designate a shelf for extra toiletries
  3. Make the most of vertical storage space with stackable organizers


  1. Customize your utensil drawer with individual organizers
  2. Use tall organizers to maximize storage space in deep drawers
  3. Mix and match organizers to fit your needs


  1. Organize paperwork and store important documents in a portable file bin
  2. For a clean look, keep magazines upright on a desk in a clear holder
  3. Utilize vertical storage to free up counter space

At STORi we are committed to creating products and sharing ideas to simplify your home.

Imagine your life organized.

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